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Sewa Flared Dress Sewa Flared Dress
Pheyilugba Collection

Sewa Flared Dress

Zainab Maxi Dress Zainab Maxi Dress
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Zainab Maxi Dress

Toun Lapel Wrap Dress Toun Lapel Wrap Dress
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Toun Lapel Wrap Dress

Nkechi Flared Dress Nkechi Flared Dress
Pheyilugba Collection

Nkechi Flared Dress

This is such a beautiful multipurpose dress. Dress it down for casual outings and dress it up with appropriate jewellery, make-up and nicely done hair to more formal gathering!

Esheshi Asera

You clearly understand that
SIMPLICITY is the language of fashion.. This is beautiful and simply unique

Friday Precious

Thank you for bringing out the elegance in me.

Catherine Garber