Exclusive Designs

We took our African textiles and transformed them into styles with perfect timing! Very much like our styles, our fabrics are practical and produced using the best materials. Let's know how you like yours!

Featured Designs

Sewa Flared Dress Sewa Flared Dress
Pheyilugba Collection

Sewa Flared Dress

Nkechi Flared Dress Nkechi Flared Dress
Pheyilugba Collection

Nkechi Flared Dress

Zainab Maxi Dress Zainab Maxi Dress
Pheyilugba Collection

Zainab Maxi Dress

Toun Lapel Wrap Dress Toun Lapel Wrap Dress
Pheyilugba Collection

Toun Lapel Wrap Dress

New Arrivals

We use the highest quality certified Ankara design to showcase your beauty and style, because we believe glamour doesn’t have to be at the expense of elegance.

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